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For all Virginians

Leading conservative, grassroots organization The Middle Resolution endorses Ed Gillespie

The Middle Resolution, a leading conservative, grassroots organization, announced its endorsement of Ed Gillespie for Virginia governor on Tuesday via Facebook Live. The endorsement comes the day after Gillespie announced the endorsement of former Governor Bob McDonnell and 35 Hampton Roads leaders. The Middle Resolution joins a growing list of Virginians backing Gillespie for Governor in 2017.

“Ed has pledged to be a governor for ALL Virginians,” said Al Jackson. “He has put together a campaign staff that is capable of helping him win not only the nomination but to win the governor’s seat in the next election. We are super excited and pleased to endorse Ed Gillespie for governor of the great state of Virginia.”

Speaking about the endorsement, Gillespie said, “I’m humbled to have the support of the committed conservatives at The Middle Resolution. The Middle Resolution represents a wide-range of grassroots conservatives who are committed to policies based on free markets and free people. Like The Middle Resolution and its members, I recognize the importance of a government that protects individual rights, lowers taxes, and promotes accountability and transparency in government. As governor, I will promote our founding conservative principles and apply them each and every day as I serve all Virginians.”

The Middle Resolution is a Mechanicsville-based grassroots coalition that supports a government that promotes the Constitution, fiscal and individual responsibility, low taxes, and limited government regulation. For more on The Middle Resolution, click here.

Gillespie is also endorsed by 62 of the 87 Republican members of the General Assembly, a majority of the State Central Committee, and more than 30 local unit chairs. Find a full list of endorsements here. The campaign has also signed up nearly 6,000 committed volunteers and supporters.