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It’s time for a plan to get Virginia growing again with across-the-board policy reforms that cover taxes, regulation, education, transportation, healthcare and public safety. This year I will put forward a serious and substantive vision for Virginia to create jobs, raise take-home pay and help people lift themselves out of poverty. Our vision is one based on our Constitutional principles of limited, effective government. Toward that end, I have created nine policy working groups led by members of the General Assembly that are working to develop fresh ideas to invigorate the Virginia economy, improve our quality of life and ensure Virginia remains the best place to live, work and raise a family. In the months ahead, we will lay out specific policies on a number of issues that matter to you.

Ed's Agenda

The Cutting Taxes for ALL Virginians Plan

The FAITH in our Government for ALL Virginians Plan

Effectiveness & Efficiency: A Government that Works for ALL Virginians

Removing Barriers to Job Creation for ALL Virginians

Mental Health, Addiction, and Recovery Agenda

Military and Veterans Affairs Agenda

Job One: Keeping Virginia Safe

Agriculture and Forestry Agenda

An Excellent Education for ALL Virginians

Sea Level Rise and Recurrent Flooding Action Plan

A Plan to Close the Digital Divide

A Plan to Grow Virginia's $21.9 Billion Outdoor Economy

Agriculture, Energy & Natural Resources

Virginia is blessed with fertile lands, vast natural resources and an abundance of energy. Yet, our agricultural exports have fallen from their record highs in 2014, and the cost of electricity rose…

Education & Workforce Development

From early childhood education to high school to college, Virginia needs a strong education system that gives our children every opportunity to succeed. However, not enough money makes it to the…

Government Reform & Efficiency

Too often, governments forget that they work for we the people. State government has grown too unwieldy, too impersonal and too inefficient. We have thousands of dedicated state employees who work…


A healthy Virginia is vital for our economy to grow and prosper. We have a healthcare system that is too costly, and people have to make healthcare decisions based on bureaucracy rather than the…

Jobs & Economic Growth

The Virginia economy is facing significant challenges. Our economic growth rate last year was an anemic 1.4%. That was also the first time in five years it was above 1%. Worse, in 2014, our growth…

Mental Health, Addiction & Recovery

Virginia is facing an addiction crisis. There were over 1,000 drug-related deaths in Virginia last year, and drug overdoses surpassed both motor-vehicle related fatalities and gun-related fatalities…

Public Safety

Virginians must feel safe in our homes, businesses, schools, public gathering places and on our roads and highways. Our state police force is dwindling in numbers and being stretched thin, while…

Veterans & Military Affairs

We are proud to be home to nearly 800,000 veterans and their families. Our veterans and active duty military personnel contribute to Virginia and our nation in immeasurable ways. Our state…

Tax Reform

Ed knows that it is time to get Virginia growing again with sweeping policy reforms that cover taxes, regulation, education, transportation, healthcare and public safety. In the months ahead, Ed will…

Timeless Conservative Principles

In addition to these policy development working groups, I will pursue policies consistent with our founders’ vision of government designed to check excessive federal overreach and protect…