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For all Virginians

Gillespie endorsed by over 60 Northern Virginia Republican leaders

Longtime conservative leader, 2014 U.S. Senate candidate, and 2017 Republican candidate for governor Ed Gillespie has earned the endorsement of more than 60 leaders from Northern Virginia, Gillespie announced Wednesday.  The endorsements come from Alexandria City, Fairfax City, Manassas City, Manassas Park City, and Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun, Prince William, and Stafford Counties. The endorsements include Delegates, Senators, local elected leaders, and grassroots activists.

“Our coalition continues to grow and strengthen with each passing day, and I appreciate the support from all of these Republican leaders. I am excited by the broad and diverse group rallying to our vision of a strong, united Virginia that works,” said Gillespie.  “Northern Virginia is an important and changing part of our state that is critically important in statewide elections.  The people in these vibrant and diverse communities understand just like I do that we have to get Virginia growing again, create jobs, raise take-home pay, and enact policies to help ALL Virginians.”

“Ed is a true leader who can unify Virginians around conservative policies,” said Virginia House of Delegates Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford).

Loudoun Sheriff Mike Chapman said, “Ed Gillespie understands the sacrifices all law enforcement officers make to keep our communities safe, and he will be a strong advocate for us in Richmond. Ed will work tirelessly to keep Virginians safe, protect law enforcement officers, and be an outstanding governor.”

“The only way to put Virginia back on the right path is to elect thoughtful leaders who will implement sound policies,” said former Fairfax City Councilmember Patrice Winter. “Ed Gillespie is already proving to be that leader. I will cast my vote for Ed in June and again in November, and I urge the people of Fairfax to do the same.”

Senator Dick Black (R-Loudoun) said, “I support Ed Gillespie because he will fight for conservative values and advance our principles all across Virginia. We can count on Ed to support the cause of liberty, defend innocent human life and protect our Second Amendment rights.”

“The details of Ed Gillespie’s tax plan demonstrate he is serious about partnering with local leaders. This is exactly the kind of leader he will be in Richmond,” said Fairfax County Supervisor Pat Herrity. “He’ll work closely with local leaders, state leaders, federal leaders, and anyone he can to make life easier for Virginia families. He will be an effective governor, and I am proud to support him.”

“To keep Virginians safe, we need folks in Richmond who will make public safety a top priority,” said Stafford County Sheriff David Decatur. “Ed Gillespie has made it clear he understands the challenges we face and he wants to work closely with us to keep the Commonwealth safe. He’s the right person to lead Virginia.”

“Ed Gillespie continues to distinguish himself as the only candidate for governor with the wherewithal to produce results for all Virginians. He’s the right man for the job, and I look forward to his service as the next governor of Virginia,” said Fauquier County Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Fisher.

“As governor, Ed Gillespie will be relentless in his pursuit of solutions. He’s already showing us that by putting forth detailed policy proposals. No one will work harder or produce better results, and that’s exactly why I am proud to support him,” said Manassas City Mayor Hal Parrish.

“I recently participated in the Kitchen Table Conversation on Ed Gillespie’s plan to cut the income tax rate by ten percent across-the-board,” said Loudoun County Supervisor Ron Meyer. “I can tell you firsthand that Ed is a smart conservative who cares about lowering the cost of living for all Virginians. Between the tolls, taxes, and high housing costs, we need a governor who cares about our pocketbooks. Ed is the only choice. I trust Ed to be unwavering in his service to our Commonwealth.”

“I am very excited that Ed Gillespie has decided to run for Governor to serve our communities throughout Virginia,” said Manassas Park City Councilmember Preston Banks. “He is the person who will work with everybody to get things done. He is the clear choice.”

Former Fairfax County Supervisor candidate Jennifer Chronis said, “This year, Fairfax County residents will see their neighbor Ed Gillespie on the ballot. We know him as a strong conservative, a successful small business owner, and a caring husband and father. Fortunately for all Virginians, we will soon know him as governor.”

The full list of endorsements is below:

Alexandria City
Former Mayor Bill Cleveland, Alexandria City
Former City Councilmember Frank Fannon, Alexandria City
Former Candidate for Congress Micah Edmond
Former Candidate for State Senate Joe Murray
Former Candidate for City Council Monique Miles
Former Candidate for City Council Fernando Torres
Former Candidate for City Council Bob Wood

Arlington County
Honorable Dave Foster, Former Arlington County School Board

Fairfax City
Former Mayor Steve Stombres, Fairfax City
Former City Councilmember Patrice Winter, Fairfax City
Former Candidate for House of Delegates Sang Yi

Fairfax County
Former Virginia Governor George Allen
Former Virginia First Lady Susan Allen
Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, 10th District
Former Congressman Frank Wolf, 10th District
Delegate David Albo, 42nd District
Delegate Tim Hugo, 40th District
Delegate Jim LeMunyon, 67th District
Supervisor John Cook, Fairfax County
Supervisor Pat Herrity, Fairfax County
Former Supervisor Michael Frey, Fairfax County
Honorable John Frey, Clerk of Court Fairfax County
Honorable Jeanette Hough, Fairfax County School Board
Honorable Patty Reed, Former Fairfax County School Board
Honorable Elizabeth Schultz, Fairfax County School Board
Honorable Tom Wilson, Fairfax County School Board
Director Scott Cameron, Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board
Former Candidate for President of the United States Carly Fiorina
Former Candidate for Congress Suzanne Scholte
Former Candidate for House of Delegates Chong Nguyen
Former Candidate for House of Delegates Craig Parisot
Former Candidate for House of Delegates Danny Vargas
Former Candidate for the House of Delegates Jay McConville
Former Candidate for Board of Supervisors Jennifer Chronis
Former Candidate for Board of Supervisors Jane Gandee

Fauquier County
Delegate Michael Webert, 18th District
Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Fisher, Fauquier County
Sheriff Bob Mosier, Fauquier County
Honorable Suzanne Sloane, Fauquier County School Board

Loudoun County
Senator Dick Black, 13th District
Delegate Tag Greason, 32nd District
Delegate Dave LaRock, 33rd District
Delegate Randy Minchew, 10th District
Former Delegate David Ramadan, 87th District
Sheriff Mike Chapman, Loudoun County
Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman, Loudoun County
Supervisor Tony Buffington, Loudoun County
Supervisor Geary Higgins, Loudoun County
Supervisor Matthew Letourneau, Loudoun County
Supervisor Ron Meyer, Loudoun County

Manassas City
Mayor Hal Parrish, Manassas City
Former Vice Mayor Jonathan Way, Manassas City
Councilmember Sheryl Bass, Manassas City
Councilmember Ian Lovejoy, Manassas City

Manassas Park City
Former Mayor Frank Jones, Manassas Park City
Councilmember Preston Banks, Manassas Park City

Prince William County
Delegate Richard Anderson, 51st District
Delegate Scott Lingamfelter, 31st District
Delegate Jackson Miller, 50th District
Honorable Willie Deutsch, Prince William County School Board
Honorable Milton John, Former Prince William County School Board Chairman

Stafford County
Speaker William J. Howell
Delegate Mark Dudenhefer, 2nd District
Sheriff David Decatur, Stafford County
Supervisor Wendy Maurer, Stafford County
Supervisor Gary Snellings, Stafford County
Supervisor Bob Thomas, Stafford County

Recently, former Governor McDonnell and 35 leaders in the Hampton Roads community announced their support of Gillespie for Governor. He is also endorsed by 66 of the 87 Republican members of the General Assembly, a majority of the State Central Committee, and more than 30 local unit chairs.  Find a full list of endorsements here.  The campaign has also signed up nearly 6,000 committed volunteers and supporters.