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For all Virginians

Gillespie Calls On Lieutenant Governor Northam to Take a Position on Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Project Crucial to Bring Much Needed American Energy to Virginia Families and Businesses

Longtime conservative leader, 2014 U.S. Senate nominee, and 2017 Republican candidate for governor Ed Gillespie asks the simple question: Is Ralph Northam for or against this critically important project for Virginia’s economic future?

While Ralph Northam claims to want to spur job creation and economic development in Virginia, he won’t tell us where he stands on construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a project crucial to those goals in the years ahead.

Tom Perriello has already flatly opposed the project, confirming for voters his radical position that would lead to higher energy costs and less jobs for Virginians across the Commonwealth. Northam, on the other hand, has been evasive on the issue. Governor Terry McAuliffe has been clear in his support for the project, calling it a “huge job creator” and noting that the Pipeline “will give us some of the cheapest gas in the country” – a position shared by the hard working members of the Mid-Atlantic LiUNA, who endorsed Northam just yesterday.

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline is an important part of Virginia’s energy infrastructure and will provide access to affordable, reliable natural gas, saving Virginians nearly $377 million on energy costs each year. The project will create as many as 17,000 new, good-paying jobs and help Virginia to attract additional capital investment with a projected $2.7 billion in additional economic activity.

“The question is simple: Is Ralph Northam for or against this critically important project for Virginia’s economic future? The governor supports it. The unions support it. Virginians overwhelmingly support it. I support it. Do you, Ralph Northam? We’re all waiting.”


“…the Northam campaign issued a written statement…didn’t flatly state opposition or support for the projects.” Asked for comment in response to Perriello’s event, the Northam campaign issued a written statement that urged a rigorous review process but didn’t flatly state opposition or support for the projects. “As a doctor and a scientist, Ralph Northam always believes in a robust and transparent process driven by science, facts and property rights,” Northam campaign spokesman David Turner said in a statement. “This is why he urges the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality to hold this process to the highest possible standards with the utmost due diligence given to protecting our natural heritage.” That approach, Turner said, drives Northam’s “long-standing opposition to offshore drilling.” (Richmond Times Dispatch, 2.8.17)