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For all Virginians

The FAITH in our Government for ALL Virginians Plan


“I will be an honest, ethical, principled, hardworking, faithful servant-leader worthy of Virginia.”
– Ed Gillespie


As governor, Ed Gillespie will lead a state government rooted in Fairness, Accountability, Integrity, Transparency, and Honesty. His 15-point ‘FAITH in our Government for ALL Virginians’ Plan will level the playing field, give citizens a greater say, close campaign finance loopholes, increase transparency, and foster confidence in state government. But more than anything, Ed will lead by example as “an honest, ethical, principled, hardworking, faithful servant-leader worthy of Virginia.”

Too many Virginians feel that government works for the well-connected and powerful, leaders are unaccountable for their actions, decisions are driven by special interests, and a fog of bureaucracy clouds transparency.

The 15-point FAITH plan will ensure Fairness, Accountability, Integrity, Transparency, and Honesty in government for ALL Virginians. As governor, Ed Gillespie will make sure that our government is responsive to the needs of Virginians. Government will be held accountable to “We the People” and Virginians will have confidence that our leaders are serving us, not special interests.

Ed will take concrete action to see this vision through, but he also knows that the best way to affect change is to lead by example. His pledge to be an honest, ethical, principled, hardworking, faithful servant-leader worthy of our proud and storied history is not just a campaign promise, it is what is in his heart. He will carry this commitment with him every day as the 73rd Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


All Virginians deserve fair and open access to government. Ed wants to level the playing field and close loopholes that give insiders unfair access.

Prohibit ‘Bait and Switch’ Campaign Finance Practices.

As governor, Ed Gillespie will introduce legislation to prohibit candidates from using the money raised for one office to run for a different office. When people contribute to a campaign account, they fairly assume their hard-earned money will be spent for the purposes they gave it. Further, allowing sitting office holders to raise funds into their existing campaign account and then transfer the contribution into a different account for another office is an unfair advantage over unelected citizens running against them, who have to raise money for their campaign from scratch. This advantage makes it harder for people who do not already hold public office to run for office.

Extend the ‘Revolving Door’ Lobbying Ban through the end of the Administration.

As governor, Ed will extend the length of time administration officials must wait before lobbying their prior office. Gillespie administration appointees will be prohibited from lobbying the office in which they served for two years or the remainder of the administration, whichever is longer.

Ban lobbyists from lobbying Boards and Commissions on which they serve and the agencies that oversee them.

Registered lobbyists should be barred from lobbying any agency that oversees or administers a Board or Commission on which they serve.

Download a copy of the plan

Download a copy of the plan

Click here to download a copy of this plan for easier reading.


Too often, government seems to forget that it works for “We the People.” Ed’s plan will give citizens a greater say in how their government operates and more chances to hold elected leaders accountable for their actions.

Host Quarterly Office Hours.

As governor, Ed Gillespie and his cabinet will host quarterly office hours to hear directly from Virginians. Ed will hold meetings in different regions of the Commonwealth so all Virginians with concerns about our state government will have access to their governor and senior members of a Gillespie Administration.

Require All Public Bodies to Solicit Public Comment.

Not all public bodies are required to receive and solicit public comment at their meetings. Some hold public comment only after the board has voted or completed action on agenda items. All agencies and public bodies will be required to solicit public comment during meetings of public bodies prior to taking action. He will also issue an executive order to immediately require this of executive branch boards. This policy will apply to Boards of Visitors of our institutions of higher education.


Ed Gillespie will reform campaign finance laws to ensure that Virginians can have faith in the integrity of our process.

Ban Personal Use of Campaign Funds.

Prohibiting any personal use of campaign funds by candidates is a commonsense measure to assure integrity in the use of campaign donations. Because the current system permits use of campaign funds for various worthwhile purposes, such as supplementation of office budgets and constituent services, Ed will work with the General Assembly to provide an appropriate definition of what constitutes a prohibited “personal use.”

Extend the Fundraising Blackout Period to include veto session and special sessions.

Current law prohibits political fundraising during the legislative session but permits it during in-session days during reconvened (known as ‘Veto Session’) and special sessions. Ed Gillespie will introduce legislation to extend the current fundraising “blackout” period to include all days when the full House and Senate is assembled in Richmond and voting on the floor of the House and Senate



Ed’s plan will increase transparency throughout state government so that Virginians will have equal and easy access to information that affects our daily lives.

Partner with Transparency Organizations.

As governor, Ed Gillespie will partner with the Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP), the Virginia Coalition for Open Government and similar transparency organizations to ensure state government is producing data and information in the most effective, transparent, and technically appropriate form to allow for seamless transition between state government and third-party data systems. Ed Gillespie will sign an executive order to direct state government to explore strategies for increasing transparency to allow non-profit watchdog organizations, like VPAP and the Virginia Coalition for Open Government, to focus on their mission of accessible and informative information.

Livestream All Agency, Board & Commission Meetings.

Any agency with a General Fund biennial budget of more than $1 billion will begin live streaming board meetings on Day One of the Gillespie Administration. Ed will also sign an executive order requiring the Secretary of Technology to develop protocols for livestreaming all remaining executive branch board, and commission meetings within the first 100 days of the administration and to make recordings of meetings available online, as well.

Livestream Cabinet Meetings.

As governor, Ed Gillespie will host at least four public meetings of the Cabinet annually and will livestream those meetings and invite public comment.

Public Meeting Notices, Agenda, Minutes and Presentations.

As governor, Ed Gillespie will sign an executive order that will establish statewide protocols for the publishing and organization of information in public meeting notices, agendas, minutes and presentations. The Secretary of Technology will be charged with developing a seamless technology solution and providing technical assistance to ensure all agencies are able to conform to protocols for public access of information. This will also apply to Boards of Visitors who currently produce widely varying levels of details in advance about important board actions. Further, the executive order will require public bodies to update the meeting package online if it changes between the time of posting and the meeting.

Support more frequent disclosures for elected and appointed officials.

As governor, Ed Gillespie will support measures to increase the frequency of disclosures related to Conflict of Interest and campaign finance.


As governor, Ed Gillespie will lead a state government in a honest and ethical manner. Ed’s plan will ensure the rules are known and followed by all those associated with a Gillespie administration.

Executive Order on Ethics – EO #1.

As governor, Ed Gillespie will sign Executive Order # 1 immediately upon taking the oath of office. EO #1 will detail the administration’s ethics policy and processes for the executive branch, including gubernatorial appointees, to comply with beginning on Day One.

Extend the Gift Cap Beyond Lobbyists and Lobbyist Principals.

Ed Gillespie will work to extend the gift cap beyond lobbyists and lobbyist principals. Ed will put forward legislation to apply the $100 aggregate gift cap to all individuals who give to an elected official, except family members and personal friends.

Prohibit Gifts to the Governor and his Family, Cabinet Members & Administration Appointees.

As governor, Ed Gillespie will prohibit gifts of any amount to the governor, his immediate family, his cabinet appointments, his staff and board appointees. There will be an appropriate process for attendance at widely-attended events on behalf of the Commonwealth and gifts to the Commonwealth that will be transferred and properly recorded by the Library of Virginia or other appropriate agency.

Supporters of the FAITH in our government for ALL Virginians’ Plan

George Allen

"‎Integrity in service to others is and must be the most important characteristic of Virginia politics and governance. Ed Gillespie's strong pledge and specific Ethics reforms agenda will significantly restore credibility and enforce integrity in the decision-making in Virginia government. Ed and his administration will be one in which all Virginians can be proud." – Former Governor George F. Allen, Honorary Policy Chair

Bill Howell

“Ed Gillespie’s ‘FAITH in our government for ALL Virginians’ Plan is a solid blueprint of specific steps to make government more accountable and transparent. Ed has made a strong commitment to open, honest, and ethical governing. I am confident that he will lead by example, and be the principled governor that Virginians expect and deserve.”
– Speaker William J. Howell

Tommy Norment

"Virginians should have total faith that their governor is acting ethically in every circumstance. They can have full confidence that Ed will hold himself, his staff, and all elected leaders to the highest ethical standards." – Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment, Jr.

Kirk Cox

“Ed Gillespie is a man of deep character and integrity, who always strives to lead by example. Ed has pledged to be a governor for all Virginians, and that includes making state government more transparent and accountable to all of the people it serves. The ‘FAITH in Government for ALL Virginians’ Plan’ will help ensure that we have the fair, open, and accessible state government that is responsive to their needs.” - Speaker-designee M. Kirk Cox, Co-Chair of the Policy Leadership Team

Mark Obenshain

“I am proud to endorse the 'FAITH In Our Government for ALL Virginians’ Plan. Virginians deserve steady, trusted leadership from their governor and that is exactly what Ed Gillespie will deliver. Today’s plan is an important step forward in delivering on that pledge.” - Senator Mark D. Obenshain, Co-Chair Policy Leadership Team

Ryan McDougle

“Virginians can have confidence that Ed Gillespie will lead state government with the highest standards for himself and his appointees. I commend Ed for putting forward a serious proposal that will make government more accountable for all Virginians.” - Senator Ryan T. McDougle, Senate Republican Caucus Chairman

Steve Newman

“As a legislator that decided not to take any gifts over a decade ago, I believe that Ed Gillespie’s ethics package is a significant step forward. The plan is well thought out and provides strong transparency reforms. This package will give Virginians greater confidence that our government is accountable to the people, and give them even more trust in our public process.” - Senator Stephen D. Newman, Senate Republican Caucus Vice-Chairman

Glen Sturtevant

“Once again, Ed Gillespie has produced a thoughtful, detailed policy that deserves praise. Ed’s pledge to serve as an honest, ethical, servant leader is exactly what the people of the Commonwealth deserve.” – Senator Glen H. Sturtevant, Jr, - Co-Chair of the Government Reform and Efficiency Working Group

Steve Landes

“Virginians must have the utmost faith that their elected officials are always acting in good faith. I’m impressed by the plan that Ed has put forward, and all Virginians should be as well.”- Delegate R. Steven Landes, Co-Chair of the Government Reform and Efficiency Working Group

Amanda Chase

“As a founder and co-chair of the Transparency Caucus, we have worked within the General Assembly to increase our constituents’ accessibility to their government. We still have a great deal of work to do, and we need a partner in the governor’s office who is also committed to smaller, more transparent government. Ed’s plan demonstrates he is serious about making elected representatives more accountable to the people they serve. I applaud his efforts to move the executive branch in that direction.”- Senator Amanda Chase

Pete Snyder

"I've known Ed and Cathy for years. They are honest and principled people guided by their hearts and faith. Ed doesn't believe in cutting corners or taking shortcuts. As governor, he will lead with honesty and integrity. He's demonstrated a steadfast commitment to good governance and meaningful ethics reforms. This plan marries his unwavering character and his bold policy leadership in way that all of us should embrace." – Pete Snyder, Campaign Chairman

Denver Riggleman

“I was running for governor on reform ideas, and Ed’s ideas on transparency are good ones. And they’d eliminate advantages sitting elected officials have over citizens like me in running.” – Denver Riggleman, Business Owner and Former Republican Candidate for Governor

Courtney Malveaux

“Like all government institutions, the governor’s office should be accountable and transparent. The plan Ed Gillespie has put forth will take major steps to that end. He’s showing Virginians he will make fundamental changes to improve the way the government operates.” - Courtney M. Malveaux, Former commissioner of the Department of Labor and Industry and former member of the Bolling-Boucher Ethics Commission

Rick Buchanan

“It is not often we find a politician who is as open and honest as Ed Gillespie. The proof is in Ed’s 15-point “FAITH In Our Government for ALL Virginians” Plan. His plans to open government meetings to all, place common-sense restrictions on lobbyists and fund-raising, and creates a transparent state government long overdue.” - Rick Buchanan, Chair of the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation

Nancy Dye

“While the issues in this campaign are critically important, the character of each of the candidates cannot be overlooked. Ed Gillespie is a man of his word, and he will lead by example. He will honor his pledge to be a principled, ethical governor.” – Dr. Nancy Dye, Campaign Finance Chair

Endorsed By

Farm Bureau
National Right to Life
Richmond Times-Dispatch
National Review
Winchester Star
Bluefield Daily Telegraph