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For all Virginians

The Facts About Ed Gillespie and Enron

Rehashing Mark Warner’s Sleazy Enron Attack

The Facts About Ed Gillespie and Enron

Ed Gillespie’s opponents are picking up Mark Warner’s sleazy Enron attack, claiming Ed was involved in the Enron scandal. Mark Warner tried and failed to use this line against Ed in 2014; it didn’t work then and it won’t work now. It says a lot when conservatives are parroting failed attacks pushed by Mark Warner. This is a poor attempt at guilt by association.

Enron was one of many clients 17 years ago at Ed’s former government affairs firm, which he left in 2007. The firm worked on external legislative issues, specifically rolling back energy regulations, not internal accounting.

When Enron became a client of Ed’s firm in January of 2001, Enron was considered one of the best companies in the world. 

Fortune magazine

In fact, Enron was on the cover of Fortune Magazine as the best company in the world to work for. No one knew Enron was engaging in fraud.

Barely 10 months later, Ed’s firm parted ways with Enron after the CEO pled the Fifth at a Senate hearing.

This is a weak attempt at guilt by association. Because a client of your firm is engaged in criminal practices does not make you a criminal. Tactics like these are why good people don’t run for public office.

Bottom line: In his 16 years working for Congress, President Bush, and at the RNC; in his seven years at a government affairs firm; and in his ten years at his Virginia communications firm, Ed has always had a deserved reputation for being honest and ethical.