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For all Virginians

Efficiency + Effectiveness: A Government that Works for ALL Virginians


“I will lead a more efficient, service-oriented state government with a smaller, more fairly compensated workforce to serve ALL Virginians.”
– Ed Gillespie


The Governor of Virginia is the chief executive officer of the Commonwealth, responsible for the management and day-to-day oversight of its departments, agencies, workforce and services. For too long, Virginians have seen leadership that is more focused on ceremonial duties, international travel and national politics rather than the business of Virginia. Virginians deserve a chief executive officer who is focused on management, not Sunday shows and partisan rallies.

As governor, Ed Gillespie will serve Virginians as an effective and prepared manager – focused equally on leadership and management.

Virginians are fortunate to have thousands of good people serving in our state workforce dedicated to helping their fellow citizens, but too often red tape hinders their ability to do so. We must do more to recognize, reward and retain our state employees so they can better deliver for the people of Virginia.

Our state workforce is now facing a retirement cliff. A recent headcount reported that there are 98,237 full-time executive branch salaried employees in Virginia. A recent presentation from the Department of Human Resources Management (DHRM) reported that, “the workforce is aging, early to mid-career employees are leaving at the fastest rate, compensation on average is well below market.” Our state government could manage each of these challenges individually as it does now, but when combined these challenges demand new leadership and a fresh approach to the state workforce and its organization and compensation.

Our state agencies operate in silos, holding back workers from best serving the people, families and communities of the Commonwealth. Ed Gillespie will reorient government to solve Virginia’s problems, demand evidence-based solutions with monthly installments right-size our government to better steward taxpayer dollars and incentivize our state government workforce to be more responsive to our needs.

Good government is not just about savings and efficiencies – it is about people. When government errs the consequences are real. From education to public safety to mental health, government has the ability to help people and communities thrive. Good government matters to Virginians.

For too long now, program and funding decisions have been awarded or evaluated based on who had the most effective spokesperson, who offered the shiniest brochure or having “always done it this way.” We have to be better. Ed Gillespie will institute a best-in-class system of rewarding performance and results for all Virginians. It will take time, discipline and a commitment from government leaders, but if implemented alongside hardworking Virginia public servants, we will succeed.

Ed’s experience starting and running businesses in the private sector, managing a large White House staff and chairing a national party with a complex organizational structure will help make him an effective chief executive officer as our governor.

Why Now?

This Plan provides a blueprint for management, but thoughtful skeptics should ask why now and what makes this government reform effort different, where is the accountability? As governor, Ed will not wait for reporters or watchdog groups to hold the administration accountable to this plan, he will keep the public informed and let the public hold him accountable directly. He will launch and operate the “Efficiency + Effectiveness Dashboard” on his website. The Dashboard will provide detailed status updates on each component of the “A Government that works for ALL Virginians” Plan.


Virginians deserve a government that is focused on results – from education to public safety to transportation. We need a governor who drives results, not just issues press releases. Too often, government programs and funding continue because of inertia, despite a lack of success. This approach is not accepted at kitchen or boardroom tables, and it should not be accepted in our state’s government.


Virginia has a dedicated state workforce that is edging near a retirement cliff. Virginia’s state employees deserve a governor that will involve them in the search for solutions – that means listening to and working with state employees from Day One.


Too often government programs that drive results are crowded-out because policymakers do not have the tools to separate the highly-effective from the long-established. In order to accelerate results, produce cost savings and cost avoidance, Ed Gillespie will establish a new standard for state government.


The key to improving Virginians’ interactions with their government is to design processes with an eye toward the citizen experience and not toward a government organizational chart.

Endorsed By

Farm Bureau
National Right to Life
Richmond Times-Dispatch
National Review
Winchester Star
Bluefield Daily Telegraph