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For all Virginians

Agriculture, Energy & Natural Resources

Virginia is blessed with vast natural resources and fertile lands. Since the founding of Jamestown in 1607, Virginians have benefited from our bountiful resources to provide the most basic of necessities, food and shelter. And from our very founding, Virginia agricultural products have always been commercially desired throughout the world.

As governor, Ed’s agriculture and forestry policy initiatives will:

Ed is proud to be endorsed by the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation AgPAC.

To read Ed’s full Agriculture and Forestry Agenda, click HERE.

The prosperity of all Virginians depends on securing abundant energy resources and competitive energy prices that protect citizens from high energy costs, and attract the businesses that provide new jobs.

The challenge for Virginia’s next governor will be to balance responsible stewardship of our environment with Virginians’ economic needs and access to reliable, secure and affordable energy.

Virginians needs energy leadership to ensure we provide affordable, reliable energy to help grow our economy. As governor, Ed will take an all-of-the-above approach to improve our energy infrastructure and grid security, ensure affordable energy, and advance clean energy and innovation.

As governor, Ed will:

To read Ed’s “Energy to Power Families and Investment” Plan, click HERE.