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For all Virginians

Education & Workforce Development

As governor, Ed will work to ensure that every child has the opportunity for quality learning. In the past four years, Virginia dropped ten spots in Education Week Rankings from number four to 14. Just 10 years ago, Virginia ranked number one in the country. It’s T.I.M.E. for a student-centered education plan for the 21st Century. His education agenda is framed around four key priorities:

To improve our K-12 education system in the Commonwealth, Ed will:

To read Ed’s “Excellent Education for ALL Virginians” Plan, click HERE.

In order for Virginia to grow, we need higher education to be more than a degree manufacturer. We need higher education to contribute to economic growth and job creation. To realize our full potential, we must first ensure that higher education is affordable. With commonsense reforms, strong partnerships and clear direction, our higher education institutions will thrive. As governor, Ed will work to make Virginia “The Opportunity Capital” of the Nation.

Through his higher education agenda, Ed will work to:

To read Ed’s Higher Education Plan for ALL Virginia, click HERE.