For all Virginians

Education & Workforce Development

From early childhood education to high school to college, Virginia needs a strong education system that gives our children every opportunity to succeed. However, not enough money makes it to the classroom, teachers are burdened by mandates and we’re not adequately measuring student progress. Even worse, some children lack the opportunities they deserve and are forced into failing schools just because of their zip code. And too many of our young people are entering the workforce without the skills they need to get a good paying job. The challenge for Virginia’s next governor will be to make sure that all students, no matter where they live, have the opportunity they deserve and that our high school and college graduates are career-ready on day one.

I will put forward student-centered policies by supporting teachers, parents and community leaders to ensure that our children develop to their full potential. We will channel more money into the classroom, reform the SOLs to give teachers more flexibility and improve how we measure student progress. I will tackle the challenge of failing schools head on and meet our constitutional responsibility to ensure that every child, in every community, has access to a high-quality, safe, public education. I will work with local educators, colleges and universities, and businesses to reform and better align our workforce development system with the demands of the marketplace of today and the future.