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For all Virginians

Transportation & Infrastructure

Efficient transportation and infrastructure systems are essential to economic growth and quality of life. But our transportation system is aging. In fact, the Virginia Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) graded Virginia a C- on its Report Card for Virginia’s Infrastructure. Unless the next Administration has a clear game plan for improving Virginia’s transportation system, the existing weaknesses and the specter of increased congestion will cripple Virginia’s economic development strategies. We need to ensure that every transportation dollar is spent for maximum impact. Virginia must prioritize transportation projects that reduce congestion, improve safety, and promote economic opportunities for Virginians.

As governor, Ed will will:

To read the “Route Causes: A Better Transportation Plan for ALL Virginians” Plan, click HERE.

In addition to transportation, Virginia needs strong leadership to enhance infrastructure that will protect Virginia’s coastal communities from damaging flooding. Ed will reform state programs that prevent or reduce flooding risk, address sea level rise, and adapt to living with water.

As governor, Ed will:

To read Ed’s “Sea Level Rise and Recurrent Flooding” Action Plan, click HERE.