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For all Virginians

Ed Gillespie Calls for 10 Gubernatorial Debates in Locations Across Virginia

Gillespie: “Before Virginians go to the polls, they should know exactly where we stand on the issues facing our Commonwealth. There is no better way to do that than in person, together, in front of voters.”

2017 Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie this afternoon called on Democratic nominee Ralph Northam to participate in a series of ten debates, to be held at locations all across the Commonwealth, in the months ahead.

Speaking about the proposal, Gillespie remarked, “Virginia faces serious challenges, and real opportunities. Voters deserve to know exactly how Lt. Governor Northam and I will approach them.  A series of ten debates all around our Commonwealth will ensure they know the clear differences between us.”

In the opening days of the general election, it is clear that Virginians want a gubernatorial campaign focused on Virginia’s most critical issues, including economic growth, jobs, energy infrastructure, and education, among many others. Editorial boards of The Roanoke Times, The Virginian-Pilot and The News and Advance agree, recently writing:

“The Southwest Virginia Technology Council invited all the gubernatorial candidates to come to the coalfields for a debate, specifically on the future of the coal counties. None of them accepted the invite before the primary. Gillespie, though, has accepted it for the general election. Will Northam? Here’s your first big campaign decision. We’ll even supply the correct answer. It’s ‘yes.'” (Roanoke Times, 6/16/17)

“This is, after all, the general election campaign that most expected. And so long as it remains focused on Virginia, and not on Washington, it can be a substantive and productive exercise for the commonwealth.” (Virginian-Pilot, 6/16/17)

“The fundamental battle will be whether our gubernatorial election will turn into a national referendum on the Trump administration or whether it will stay focused on the vitally important — but parochial — state issues important in the daily lives of average Virginians…We truly hope Northam and Gillespie will run campaigns that focus on the issues that matter to this commonwealth and its residents.” (News and Advance, 6/16/17)