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Northam’s Failed KKK Smear Backfires

Last week, Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam issued a press release (the courage!) condemning the KKK and their plans for a rally in Charlottesville. He also called on Ed to join him in the condemnation saying, “should he decline, I think that speaks volumes about his ability to lead.”

Ed responded by slamming Ralph Northam for such a shameful and desperate attack:

Ed wasn’t alone in calling out the Northam campaign for their hamfisted antics:

“The Ku Klux Klan is despicable. So is using them for political leverage the way Ralph Northam and the Democrats are trying to do.”

Jeffrey Dove, congressional candidate, Iraq War veteran, and small businessman

“We need leadership in Richmond who will rise above the type of politics that uses race-based accusations and innuendo.”

Kaylene Seigle, Harrisonburg School Board Member

“When politics becomes driven by race baiting and divisive techniques it’s a race to the bottom. Our politics needs to reflect the best of humanity and the things that brings communities together. While Northam goes low, we will go high.”

Laquan Austion, candidate for House of Delegates District 2

“Elections in the Commonwealth have traditionally been about policy. Today’s invitation from Ralph Northam asking Ed Gillespie to join him in condemning the KKK in Charlottesville as if Ed couldn’t and wouldn’t, is a race-baiting antic that is, in my opinion, beneath the Ralph Northam campaign.”

Shannon Kendrick, Norfolk

“Virginia has normally been above this. Today’s suggestion about Ed Gillespie and the KKK rally is beneath the office of Governor or anyone running for it. I hope this is not the type of campaign that Ralph Northam intends on running.”

Terone Green, Henrico

“This year, Virginia has the opportunity to elect a Governor that will help improve our state and also raise the standard for how we do politics. Ed Gillespie is a good man who respects everyone and cares about all Virginians, no matter their race, religion or background. It is important that this year’s election focus on the issues and how we can move our state forward.”

Davon Gray, Woodbridge

More on the outrage from The Bull Elephant:

“Ironic, then, that a direct beneficiary of that most odious institution attempts to hang one of its ugliest legacies around the neck of Gillespie, who is both a Catholic and a son of immigrants (historically groups targeted by the KKK).  That’s an old and cheap political trick…tarring your opponent with your own weaknesses to inoculate against counter-attack.”

And sadly, the Democrats’ failed smear is giving the KKK the attention they desperately crave:

What a pathetic display from Swecker and the Virginia Democrats as they speak out of both sides of their mouths, serving as pseudo-recruiter for a cause we are supposed to treat with disdain and contempt — not put a bright spotlight on for narrow political gain.

The “amateurish” tactics of Northam’s campaign will not go unnoticed:

“Northam, and his campaign press operation, should be ashamed of themselves. This press release was an obvious attempt to try to dupe low-information voters into believing Gillespie would struggle to condemn the KKK. That’s a contemptible move, and as Gillespie noted, it’s below the office and the debate that Virginians deserve.”