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What They Are Saying: RTD Editorial Board: “Gillespie’s criminal justice reforms open opportunities for action”

Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Editorial Board: “Gillespie’s criminal justice reforms open opportunities for action…Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie’s recent comments on reforming criminal justice in Virginia are encouraging – and promising.” (RTD, 9/7/17)

Speaker Bill Howell: “I think Ed’s plan does a good job of balancing these issues.” (The Washington Post, 9/6/17)

Peer Recovery Specialist Jerry Lee: “Ed is putting forward real solutions to ease the burden for returning citizens. He’s committed to helping his fellow Virginians who have paid their debt get back to contributing to our communities instead of continuing to punish them.”

Senator Mark Obenshain: “It’s a thoughtful and innovative plan that shows that Ed Gillespie is serious about keeping our communities and neighborhoods safe and that he is willing to be creative in his effort to ensure that our criminal justice system is fair.”

Senator David Suetterlein: “[email protected]’s criminal justice reform proposal to increase VA’s felony theft threshold is reasonable and should have been done years ago.” (Twitter, 9/6/17)

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter: “It is clear that Ed has put a lot of thought into this proposal.  That’s his leadership style; thinking things through.  His commitment to common sense public safety policy will make Virginia a leader in criminal justice reform and innovation and an example to others around the nation. He will be ready on day-one to implement this excellent plan.”

Chesterfield County Sheriff Karl Leonard: “Ed’s plan for Criminal Justice Reform in Virginia is a masterpiece! While remaining tough on crime it addresses many other very important areas that need to be changed in Virginia  to help individuals break the cycle of incarceration by finally offering hope in an otherwise hopeless situation. Not only does Ed’s policy implement strategic action to help individuals avoid  criminal behavior to begin with, but also offers a systematic course of action for those who have been incarcerated and paid their debt to society the tools needed to once again reintegrate into society as productive members of the community. This policy initiative is a home run and much needed!.”

The Washington Post’s Norm Leahy: “While some of the steps are tentative, they represent progress for a nominee of a party that has long emphasized greater law enforcement over necessary reforms.” (The Washington Post, 9/7/17)

The Washington Times: “Breaking with the tough-on-crime stance that defined Virginia Republicans for decades, gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie laid out a plan Wednesday to try to keep drug users from ending up incarcerated.” (The Washington Times, 9/6/17)

Associated Press“Gillespie said at a Richmond barbershop Wednesday that the state needed to rethink some of its tough-on-crime measures and make it easier for convicted criminals to reenter society.” (Associated Press, 9/6/17)

WVTF: “Gillespie also spoke on the importance of helping former felons re-enter society and gain their rights back. He said he would convene a workgroup of previous Governors to study the issue and come up with legislative answers.” (WVTF, 9/6/17)