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For all Virginians

BREAKING: The Free-Lance Star Endorses Ed Gillespie for Governor

Endorsed McAuliffe in 2013

2017 Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie today earned the endorsement of the Free Lance-Star. In making their endorsement the paper writes:

GROWING THE Virginia economy will create more jobs and generate more state revenue, which in turn will help solve the biggest problems now facing the commonwealth in the areas of transportation, education and health care. And the gubernatorial candidate most likely to advance economic growth in the state is Republican Ed Gillespie, which is why he has the FREE LANCE-STAR’S endorsement.

Throughout his campaign, Gillespie has emphasized the need for economic growth, pointing out that not so long ago, Virginia was the nation’s top business-friendly state. It’s now in the bottom half at No. 31, according to the Tax Foundation.

To improve Virginia’s business-friendly ranking and to end the out-migration of residents with college degrees to neighboring states, Gillespie is proposing a 10 percent reduction in the state income tax that scales back future—not current—spending, with $2 in tax relief for every $3 in increased spending.

Gillespie claims his proposal, which includes revenue triggers to protect core government services and the commonwealth’s AAA bond rating, will create 53,000 new jobs and increase state revenue by $3.4 billion.

That’s exactly what’s needed to keep Virginia competitive with its neighbors and to allow it to invest more money in transportation infrastructure, public education and health care for low-income Virginians.

Unlike his Democratic rival, Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, Gillespie is not in favor of expanding Medicaid, because of its future cost increases. But he does favor a state compact that would allow insurance companies in Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia to offer plans in Virginia and vice versa, encouraging innovation and competition.

Attracting and keeping businesses in the commonwealth and growing Virginia’s economy should be the next governor’s top priority. Gillespie not only understands this, he is well-suited to the challenges ahead.

Find the full editorial HERE.

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