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For all Virginians

What They Are Saying: “Ed Gillespie put forward a thoughtful, innovative healthcare proposal that will benefit all Virginians”

Governor George Allen, Honorary Policy Co-Chair: “Virginia has long been at the forefront of state innovation in healthcare. It is time for Virginia to reclaim its place as a leader in putting forward creative solutions to complex problems. We cannot rely on Washington, D.C. to solve our problems. Ed’s plan is detailed, thoughtful and grounded in strong leadership for Virginia, from Virginia.”

Speaker Bill Howell: “After four years of of a failed healthcare agenda from the McAuliffe-Northam Administration, it is refreshing to see Ed Gillespie put forward a thoughtful, innovative healthcare proposal that will benefit all Virginians. Ed’s thoughtful approach is matched by the care and compassion he holds for his fellow Virginians.”

Dr. Nancy Dye: “As a surgeon, I know that every small detail matters. That is why I’m pleased to support Ed Gillespie for governor and his ideas for healthcare. Ed is committed to affordable and accessible healthcare delivery as well as compassionate leadership for children in the adoption and foster care system. Ed will be a governor for all Virginians.”

Co-Chair of the Policy Leadership Team Speaker-designee Kirk Cox: “Ed is putting forward a healthcare policy that will succeed in spite of Washington’s failures, and the obstacles that they’ve created. He will use the governor’s office to innovate around Washington’s roadblocks, and won’t be forced into making poor decisions just because Washington leaves us with few good options. As a result of Ed’s policy and leadership, more Virginians will benefit from health opportunity.”

Senator Mark Obenshain, Co-Chair of the Policy Leadership Team: “Lieutenant Governor Northam talks a lot about federal healthcare policy, but never about what he’ll do as governor to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for more Virginians. Ed Gillespie isn’t going to wait on Washington, D.C. to fix Virginia’s problems and is putting forward a detailed plan that will mean more Virginians have access to affordable healthcare, care for children in foster care, and more seniors are able to age-in-health.”

Dr. Wilford K. Gibson of Virginia Beach: “Politicians always talk about reforming healthcare, but rarely mention how they will do it. I was pleased to read Ed’s healthcare policy plan, which lays out comprehensive policy proposals that will make a real difference in Virginia’s healthcare system. Removing burdensome regulations, incentivizing providers to take Medicaid patients and investing in our future healthcare workforce- that’s the way to start fixing healthcare in Virginia.”

Dr. Daniel Cavazos of Williamsburg: “Ed understands how COPN laws have been a barrier to Virginia patients accessing affordable, high quality healthcare. If you want to lower healthcare costs, you have to increase competition and patient choice. Ed gets that and it’s refreshing to see.”

Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy’s Mike Thompson: “After all the smoke and mirrors, and political wrangling over the future direction of healthcare, finally someone has put together a road map of public policy ideas to begin to reduce the cost of healthcare and start the process of getting the government out of the way of innovation. Better use of technology, creative ways to assist the healthcare needs in rural Virginia, price transparency and competition through reform our current Certificate of Public Need (COPN) laws.  Healthcare costs are higher in the U.S. than in other countries due in large part to the bureaucratic and non-transparent system that has been built over the years.  Ed Gillespie’s plan begins to unravel this maze of laws and regulations that only add to our healthcare costs.”

President of the Hispanic Leadership Fund Mario H. Lopez: “The Hispanic Leadership Fund applauds Ed for creating a patient-centered healthcare plan to lower costs by increasing competition–giving patients more options when making healthcare decisions and allowing working families increased access to more affordable and higher quality healthcare.”

The Republican Standard: “It is rational and well-thought-out — a healthcare plan for those at the grown-ups table. Perhaps most importantly, it is written in a way that acknowledges the statutory and precedential realities of our healthcare system while accounting for those immovable objects in an honest-to-goodness functional plan that can exist in the real world. Gillespie’s plan is grounded in the conditions of healthcare as they are, not in the conditions which one might ideally want them to be.”

Read Gillespie’s detailed plan to improve health outcomes for ALL Virginians HERE.

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