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For all Virginians

ICYMI: ‘Fox & Friends’ Visits Forest Diner, Talks Gubernatorial Race With Virginians

Patron: “Gillespie has laid out numerous, 19 plus, in fact, plans to make Virginia better. I have not seen Northam lay out one.

RICHMOND, VA – At Carol’s Place in Forest this morning, Fox News’ ‘Fox & Friends’ spoke with Virginians about the issues they are most concerned about in the upcoming gubernatorial election. The support was overwhelming for Republican nominee Ed Gillespie.

Watch the full segment HERE.



“I believe (Ed Gillespie) stands up for the veterans and that is a big, important issue. It seems to be that over the years we have not really stood up for them like we should.”


“Because (Ed Gillespie) is not wasting taxpayer money tearing down our statues that are here for our history and our heritage and that’s really important to me. Because we can’t change history. We might not like what happened, but we can’t change it and we need to keep our Virginia history intact.”


“If you look at where the statewide Democrat ticket is campaigning, they are in Northern Virginia, they are in Richmond and they are on the coast, and they are not out here. Us in the College Republicans, we spend a lot of time out knocking doors, and they are just not out there. I can count on two hands how many pieces of Northam literature I’ve seen in the City of Lynchburg just since school started this semester.”


“Gillespie has laid out numerous, 19 plus, in fact, plans to make Virginia better. I have not seen Northam lay out one. That’s just one reason right there. Ed is a great guy and he wants to help sanctuary cities not happen and Northam is completely on the opposite side… The NRA gave Northam an F. He wants to bring more gun control to the State of Virginia and that is one thing I am personally against right there. He also believes in sanctuary cities, another thing I am not okay with with the MS-13 gangs running pretty rampant here in Virginia.”


“I am voting for Ed Gillespie because he is conservative.”


“I’m just going to vote for Gillespie, he is a strong NRA – that’s a big, important issue for me. He’s a true conservative. He’s going to back the police.”