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For all Virginians

What Will Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine Say about the Ad?

Ralph Northam Defended Despicable Ad that Slurred Millions of Virginia; Coordinated with Group That Produced It; But Governor Terry McAuliffe Broke with LG Last Night, Said Ad “Wasn’t Fair”

Where Do Mark Warner and Tim Kaine Stand? With Ralph Northam or the Governor? To Date Neither Has Said a Word about Spot Called “Vile” and “Despicable” by The Washington Post

Both of Virginia’s Senators, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine, are hitting the campaign trail all weekend long for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ralph Northam. But on the issue that has dominated the final week of the campaign, a “vile” television ad produced by the Latino Victory Fund apparently in full coordination with the campaign of Ralph Northam, both have remained conspicuously silent. Their silence is even more jarring when now paired with the comments made last night by Governor Terry McAuliffe, who spoke out on MSNBC to say the ad, which slurs millions of Virginians based simply on their political beliefs, “wasn’t fair” and that he “said immediately they shouldn’t have run the ad.”

Now, Senator Mark Warner and Senator Tim Kaine both should make clear:

Do they stand with Ralph Northam who has still, even at this late date, refused to condemn the ad, and in fact has been revealed to have helped coordinate its production, OR do they stand with Governor McAuliffe in making clear that the ad “wasn’t fair”?

Both Senators Warner and Kaine have served as governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

This ad says that millions of their fellow Virginians are nothing more than racist murderers. A blanket, irresponsible, disgusting smear of voters just for having different positions on matters of public policy.

The vile content of the ad has prompted widespread criticism from across the political spectrum, including from two Democratic Delegates, Sam Rasoul and Jeff Bourne.

So today, as they campaign across the Commonwealth, will Senator Mark Warner and Senator Tim Kaine finally make statements about the ad and clarify where they stand on the matter?

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