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For all Virginians

Public Safety

Keeping our communities safe is the top priority of government. Virginians must feel safe in their homes, businesses, schools, and on our roads and highways. Unfortunately, crime rates have increased in recent years. According to the annual Crime in Virginia report compiled by the Department of State Police, the rates of murder, robbery, aggravated assault, forcible sex offenses, motor vehicle theft and many other rates are up from 2015.

Virginia’s next governor must ensure and maintain public safety. As governor, Ed Gillespie will stand up for our law enforcement and first responders, protect Virginia from those who wish to do us harm, combat gangs, improve our corrections and re-entry system and enhance our cybersecurity against those who would attack and misuse our business and personal information. Ed will appoint to his Cabinet a highly trained and service-minded Virginian to serve as Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security and also to leadership positions for the state agencies that work to sustain and advance safety at home and in our communities.

Making public safety a top priority, Ed will:

Ed is proud to be endorsed by Virginia Police Benevolent Association.

To read the full “Job One: Keeping Virginia Safe, A Plan to Eradicate Gangs, Reform the System, and Reward Those Who Serve and Protect”, click HERE.

Ed believes in freedom and personal responsibility with opportunity for all under the Rule of Law. Job One of Virginia’s next governor will be to ensure that law-abiding Virginians are protected from criminals and all forms of victimization. While ensuring public safety, Ed recognizes that most inmates will one day be released, so it is right and smart to work toward a successful reentry back into society.

Virginia’s criminal justice system should be just, fair and redeeming. Law enforcement and justice should be administered fairly, and when Virginians exit the criminal justice system they should leave more prepared to live a full and contributing life in society.

As governor, Ed will support the following policies:

To read Ed’s full Criminal Justice Reform plan, click HERE.