For all Virginians

Government Reform & Efficiency

Too often, governments forget that they work for we the people. State government has grown too unwieldy, too impersonal and too inefficient. We have thousands of dedicated state employees who work hard every day to serve us, but they are held back by red tape. Government too often fails to provide transparent and consistent access to information that affects our daily lives. The challenge for Virginia’s next governor will be to bring state government into the 21st century by focusing on service and savings.

I will lead a transparent, accountable, and ethical government worthy of Virginia. I will direct state agencies to find efficiencies and be more effective, eliminate waste and make it easier for Virginians to interact with their government by reducing paperwork and upgrading technology. Our state employees will be empowered to make the lives of their fellow citizens easier. We will give citizens of the Commonwealth access to the information we deserve, and empower us to hold our government accountable.