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For all Virginians

Government Reform & Efficiency

If elected to serve the Commonwealth we love, Ed will be an honest, ethical, principled, hardworking, faithful servant-leader worthy of Virginia.

He has released campaign finance reform plan, in which he proposes:

To read his FAITH in our Government for ALL Virginians” Plan, click HERE.

We have thousands of dedicated state employees who work hard every day to serve us, but they are held back by red tape. Government too often fails to provide transparent and consistent access to information that affects our daily lives. The challenge for Virginia’s next governor will be to bring state government into the 21st century by focusing on service and savings.

As governor, Ed will:

To read his full “Government that Works for ALL Virginians” Plan, click HERE.

Ed Gillespie also plans to engage faith-based community, private and nonprofit sectors to address challenges through the Collective Impact Model.

His framework to solve complicated problems involves:

To read the full “Striving for Impact: Collective Impact Model as a Framework to Solve Complicated Problems” Plan, click HERE.